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DuPont Corian Shower Wall System

There is no grouting and the showers are very low maintenance with choices of multiple colors. This can be used for bathroom vanity tops, shower/tub surrounds, tub platforms and other areas. This material is built for longevity and will outlast tile. 

Step 1: A free consultation to determine your needs

At Flo-Dar, Inc. we can assist in replacing single parts of a bathroom such as vanity, vanity countertops, or fixtures as well as remodeling an entire bathroom. We will determine your needs by having a free consultation about your desires for the dream bathroom in your home. We will help you choose the right products and have them delivered to you and installed by one of our professionals or your own service of your choosing. We will help you create the best bathroom remodel to fit your budget. 

Once you have decided that you want to begin a bathroom remodel you can have Flo-Dar make your vision a reality. We will get the job done seamlessly. We will help you design a perfect bathroom for your needs. We accommodate if you wish to install some components yourself, in addition to our team installing the products if you desire. If you need just one aspect of your bathroom updated such as the sink countertop, or flooring we can complete those tasks as well. When it comes to bathroom remodels our experts are here to assist you in every way possible.  Once we have had an initial free consultation, for a small fee, our team will come to your home to measure out the premises so our designers can start building the plans of your beautiful dream bathroom.

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Step 2: Consider Bathroom Size
Your options in remodeling a bathroom largely depend on the size of the bathroom you wish to have worked on. It is essential that the bathroom being remodeled has fixtures and products that fit the dimensions of the room. Larger sized rooms may be able to fit additional or larger sized appliances if the bathroom remodel can accommodate them. You also do not want to have appliances that are too small for a larger bathroom. We can assist you in choosing the correct size appliances to match the needs of your bathroom.

Step 3: Plan Bathroom Dimensions
An important step in remodeling a bathroom is ensuring that there is enough space in your bathroom. The Flo-Dar team will take measurements prior to construction to ensure that the process is seamless. The Flo-Dar team will make sure that you have an idea of what your finished bathroom will look like before the construction process has begun.

Step 4: Choose Bathroom Style
There are many different styles you can choose when remodeling your bathroom. You may choose a style that complements the style of the rest of the home or other bathrooms, or an individual style that fits your own personal preference. A bathroom is a highly customizable room in your house that can be changed depending on what features you value the most. There are contemporary style bathrooms that focus on simplicity and minimalist features. You will also often see some light and some dark elements of the bathroom mixed together to create contrast. Another style is traditional style bathrooms which aim to be more warmer and comfortable. You will see wood and classic colors worked into these style bathrooms often. There are also modern style bathrooms. These will focus on being bold but also simple, often with stone, marble, or other high end materials worked into the room. Beach style bathrooms can take shades of blue mixed with various beach elements such as seashells and give an at the ocean feel to a bathroom for someone who enjoys the beach.

Step 5: Pick Water Resistant Surfaces
An important step in the bathroom remodeling process is ensuring that you choose water resistant surfaces for the countertops, floors, and other areas that will be susceptible to moisture damage. In a bathroom it is common for enough moisture to be in the air to ruin certain surfaces or materials without actually spilling any liquid onto them. Laminate surfaces can be a cost efficient solution but will not be as durable than more high end materials. You can also use a type of natural stone as another option. However, depending on the material used these can be easier to maintain and more durable than other bathroom sink countertops.

Step 6: Different Sink Styles
There are several different sink styles you can choose from for a bathroom remodel that will fit your needs based on space and personal preference. Depending on how much space you have available you may want to choose one style of sink over another to fill up space or fit in a tighter area. You also have the option to include multiple sinks in one bathroom if space permits it. Wall-mounted sinks are a smaller and simple style of sink that is connected to the wall and is not attached to cabinets. This type of sink is good for minimalist styles or areas with not a lot of space. There are also drop-in sinks which drop into the sink countertop and often contain bathroom cabinets underneath or vessel type sinks which sit on top of the counter. This style sink can be great if you have space for cabinets and want to add multiple sinks to one bathroom. You also have the option of choosing from a circular, oval, or rectangular shaped sink based on personal preference.

Step 7: Different Showers/Baths
When doing a bathroom remodel, you have to decide if you want to have a bath/shower as one unit, or two separate units as some people would rather have. If you would like to combine both a shower and bath to save space while still having both, you may opt to have a two-in-one unit installed. If you have the space available you can opt for a walk in shower with no bath section as well as a separate bath unit. In addition, some people would prefer just a walk in shower in their bathroom which can be installed if there is no need for a bath. There are many factors that go into deciding what kind of bath and shower to install that need to be thought out to best fit one’s needs, from choosing a tile wall surround or a 3-panel wall system (Corian or Meganite).

Step 8: Flooring
The best type of flooring for your bathroom will depend on the style of bathroom you have chosen for your remodel. Some very common options for bathroom flooring are porcelain and ceramic tile flooring which are both easy to clean and durable. Many people are choosing larger tiles so there is less maintenance with the grout. Another more expensive option is stone flooring for a bathroom which can be the most durable option for a bathroom floor. If you are looking for a long-term option for bathroom flooring and can afford stone materials many people will opt to do so. In addition, a newer popular bathroom flooring option is heated tile floors. You can choose to install heated tile floors if you do not enjoy the cold feeling of tiles and are looking for a warmer option.

Step 9: Mirrors
Different mirror styles can give your bathroom remodel a completely new look. You will need to decide how large of a mirror you want installed and the location relative to the sinks in your kitchen. You can opt to have a simple wall mirror in the shape of a circle, oval, square, or rectangle depending on your personal preference. You can also choose to have your mirror serve a dual purpose as a cabinet as well if space permits. In addition, different shapes and styles of mirrors borders can compliment a bathroom style depending on the material used. By upgrading the frame of your mirror you can add extra style to your bathroom remodel.

Step 10: Lighting Styles
Depending on the space available you can get creative with lighting for a bathroom remodel. You can choose to have lamp fixtures illuminate the room or have ceiling lights installed. Consider adding dimmers to your light switches in order to have more control over the lighting when you may or may not want brighter lights. With the lights you choose to have installed make sure there is enough illumination for the whole room. You have the option of adding closet lights as well as shower and bath lights to add more lighting features to the room.

Step 11: Prepare for Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom remodeling is a construction process that will render the room unusable until work is finished. You will want to prepare to not use that room for as long as construction takes. The size of the bathroom remodel will dictate how long the work takes. In addition, a full bathroom remodel will require work from subcontractors such as plumbers and electricians in order to have the best possible job completed.

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