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A Free Consultation to determine your needs:
When deciding to replace the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom you must first consider the dimensions of the space you are looking to place the cabinets. Depending on the amount of space you have available this will determine the amount of options available.

Flo-Dar, Inc. can help you find the correct cabinets to match the design of your kitchen or bathroom. In addition, we can install your products or if you have your own contractor we can help pick out and deliver the correct products to you. Our cabinet experts are here to help you choose the right cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom and install the products perfectly. Once we have had an initial free consultation, for a small fee, our team will come to your home to measure out the premises so our designers can start building the plans of your cabinet installation.

Contact us today to get started on your cabinet remodel.


There are many styles of cabinets:
When choosing to remodel the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom there are many options you can choose from. Some options to consider are the door styles, cabinet construction (whether it’s framed or a frameless), and of course the finish. The best choice will depend on what style of room you want to match or remodel as well as your personal preference. Some styles will have extra features or may be more durable. Depending on the style of your kitchen, certain cabinet styles can complement other features in the kitchen such as the countertops. The goal of choosing a cabinet style for your kitchen or bathroom is based on your personal needs as well.

Traditional Cabinets:
Traditional style cabinets are a timeless addition to any kitchen or bathroom. They feature a lot of texture and patterns. Smooth and curved lines can commonly be found in traditional style cabinets. In addition they often feature dark rich colors that give the cabinets a warm look, however they can also often feature white/cream colors. A very popular feature in traditional cabinets is inset recessed/raised panel doors where the door is flush with the frame. This is a style of cabinet that you can match to the design of your kitchen or bathroom and expect to last. You can contact Flo-Dar, Inc. to discuss installing Traditional Cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom.

Shaker Cabinets:
Shaker cabinet styles are considered a timeless design for the kitchen or bathroom and are very popular in both. These cabinets are great for traditional, transitional, and many more styles of kitchens or bathrooms. If you want a simple design that also looks high end then shaker cabinets may be the right choice for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. They are a simple design that functions exactly how a cabinet should. They often include flat panel doors, natural paints, or wood finishes. They are popular amongst people looking to remodel their kitchen or bathroom due to their simplistic look and overall functionality.

Rustic Cabinets:
Rustic Cabinets are a comfortable choice that homeowners will often pick for a country style kitchen or bathroom. These cabinets feature far more detail than some other choices and are often made out of wood such as pine that features knots and grooves that make every single cabinet piece unique. People will often leave the surfaces of rustic cabinets unfinished in order to leave the natural feel of the wood. Picking a color is an important aspect of rustic cabinets. The natural wood colors are what give these cabinets a warm and natural look that fits great in a country style kitchen. In addition, antique metals can be added to the cabinets hardware in order to enhance the rustic look of the cabinets.
Contemporary Cabinets:
A sleek and functional cabinet design is contemporary style cabinets. Rather than crown molding and intricate designs these cabinets focus on functionality. These cabinets help give a kitchen or bathroom a clean look and appear as a more modern design compared to some other cabinet styles such as traditional cabinets. This design usually consists of man made materials such as plastic, glass, or metal. These are great cabinets to install in smaller areas where space may be an issue. You will often see these cabinets colored white, black, and other neutral colors while maintaining clean lines to give off the simplistic look.

Louvered Cabinets:
These cabinets feature horizontal slats usually made out of wood as the cabinet door. It is common to see louvered blinds for windows and when you add louvered cabinets to your kitchen or bathroom they can definitely add a different feel to the room. The slits in the horizontal pieces of the cabinet allow for ventilation for people in need of a ventilated area inside the space of their cabinet. If you’re looking for a unique style of cabinet that is not as common but is stylish then louvered cabinets might be the correct design for you.

Craftsman Style Cabinets:
If you’re looking for a cabinet design with straight lines, durable construction, while also paying attention to the small details then craftsman style cabinets might be the right design for you. This cabinet style is considered higher end as opposed to some other more affordable styles. If you are already designing a craftsman style kitchen or bathroom then look no further than craftsman style cabinets. These cabinets feature either a flat or raised panel with square edges and straight lines. Very heavy woods such as cherry, maple, hickory, walnut, and oak are usually used to make these cabinets. The woods are often left in their natural state rather than being painted and finished to preserve the feel of the wood.

Slab/Flat Front Style Cabinets:
Slab style cabinets are an extremely modern design that is similar to the contemporary design. This is a modern design that is often made out of hardwood, plywood, MDF, or particle board for doors that are painted. These cabinets are also considered easy to clean since there are no nooks or crannies you have to dig into and can simply whip the flat surface down in order to clean your cabinets. These are considered to be a low-maintenance and also has a range of affordable style to high end cabinet. This is since the flat front is simple to make and does not require intricate designs like other styles of cabinets. If you’re looking for a modern, low maintenance, and also affordable cabinet design then consider buying slab style cabinets.

Glass Front Cabinets:
Glass Front cabinets are an extremely versatile design that you can pair with many styles of kitchens and rooms. There are many different shapes and designs you can choose for glass front cabinets to match the rest of your kitchen, including clear glass, frosted glass, and more. These are a very customizable option for anyone looking to upgrade the appearance of their cabinets and storage space. They work great when paired with solid cabinet doors and you can also help focus attention toward the glass front cabinets by adding the correct lighting. This allows you to display any key items that you may want to feature in the glass front cabinets of your kitchen or room. Overall, these are a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their cabinets to have a modern feel while also drawing extra attention to the items inside.

Country Cabinets:
Country cabinets are a more traditional style of cabinet that focuses on giving off a warm feel similar to rustic cabinets. They are made out of durable materials mostly consisting of wood that displays the knots that many people desire to give off a natural look. A common wood that will be used in country cabinets is pine which is softer but more affordable. Oak, cherry, maple, alder, and hickory, are also commonly used in country cabinets and are harder woods that are more durable, and also more expensive than pine making them a premium and longer lasting option for those looking to install country cabinets.

Open Shelving:
Another option that has gained popularity recently is open shelving to store items. This option allows you to save space and is a very affordable option. You can put items on display and add layers of shelving to organize your items. Depending on the style of the room, you can add decorative items to the shelving in order to create an atmosphere to match the design of the room. This is a less expensive option that can save you a lot of space. Open shelves can be mixed with full shelving to save space and still flow with the design of the room.



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