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Kitchen Countertop Types: When choosing new countertops in your home’s kitchen you have many different options of materials to choose from. What material is best for you will depend on the style of kitchen as well as your own personal needs. Different materials cost more or less than others depending on the durability, appearance, and maintenance required to keep the kitchen countertop in the best possible condition. Each material has some positives and some negatives that you must consider before selecting a new kitchen countertop. Some materials are stronger than others or more resistant to different elements such as moisture. The type of material you choose will depend on your budget and daily kitchen habits as well as the appearance so that the countertop can match the rest of the kitchen.

Natural Stone in Kitchen Countertops:
This option is often considered to be one of the most durable materials for a kitchen countertop. Common forms of natural stone used in kitchen countertops are granite, quartzite, and marble. Granite is a heat resistant surface that may have visible seams with a coordinating epoxy (sometimes colorize to blend the transition). The material is very durable and when purchased is intended to last a lifetime. Quartzite materials, much like granite in it’s surface and maintenance, are more exotic and can be more expensive. Marble is a very similar material but expensive, and softer than granite materials (susceptible to staining and scratching). This material requires more maintenance than granite but is desired by some people for its softer properties. If you choose to have natural stone countertops installed then you are investing in the long term for the home as they are built to last.

Engineered Stone in Kitchen Countertops:
This type of material has gained popularity recently as people search for durable and low maintenance materials that are built to last for their kitchen countertops. Engineered stone is a composite of about 80% quartz and 20% resin and has proven to be a very strong and durable surface for kitchen activities. Depending on how the quartz is manufactured into the countertop it can change the appearance. This material is non-porous, that can be glossy, leathered, or honed and resistant to stains, heat, and cracks. Overall, quartz is a durable and sleek material for a kitchen countertop that many people will find beneficial in their home.

Laminate in Kitchen Countertops:
A cost efficient option for kitchen countertop materials is laminate. This material is designed to be an affordable option that can still look very nice when matched with the correct style of kitchen. This material can come in many different patterns and colors in order to match the counters to the rest of the kitchen. They cost much less than natural stone and can still lighten up your entire kitchen with the correct pattern. However, they do not hold up very well to heat of excessive water, and eventually over time you may deal with peeling or tears in the laminate on your counters with heavy use. This is a budget friendly material that can give off a very nice appearance when implemented in an appropriate style kitchen.

Solid Surfaces in Kitchen Countertops:
Solid surface countertops for a kitchen can be the perfect option for someone looking for a similar surface to natural stones such as granite and marble. These countertops are reasonably
durable and require little maintenance since they are of acrylic. Solid surfaces can be more affordable than natural stone while giving off a consistent appearance like a laminate. This material is also considered non-porous and very easy to maintain. However, the material is able to be scratched and is not heat resistant like some other materials you could use. Overall, solid surface is a material that can be used to appear similar to natural stone at an affordable price.

Wood in Kitchen Countertops:
Another option for kitchen countertop material is wood which is often made out of many species of woods. If properly cared for wood countertops can last a lifetime. They can be a budget friendly option for anyone looking for a high-end and attractive material for their kitchen countertop. Wood can be very strong while still being soft at the same time which is different from stone which is considered hard. In the event that you do mess up a wooden countertop it can often be repaired by a professional by sanding the surface down.

Bathroom Countertop Types:
When choosing a bathroom countertop material there are many options to choose from which all vary in price and durability. You will want to choose a material that is resistant to water and other moisture in order to prevent damage to the surfaces. Most people will not opt for a wood countertop in a bathroom since the material is not resistant to moisture and will easily be damaged in a bathroom. In addition, you will need to consider the size of your bathroom countertop in order to make sure that it fits in the space available. If space permits, it is a good idea to choose a countertop large enough to fit your essential bathroom items onto.

Laminate in Bathroom Countertops:
An option that can look great when matched with the correct bathroom style is laminate. This material is water resistant while remaining economical. Newer patterns of laminate are designed to look similar to more expensive options of countertops such as marble or granite. Laminate countertops offer a wide variety of patterns and styles you can choose from to perfectly match the design of your bathroom. These counters are made by bonding layers of plastic to the particle-board to create a flat and smooth surface. Many people will call these counters Formica, and they are also not heat resistant which means you cannot place a hot pan or pot straight off of the stove or oven and onto the counter or you risk damaging the material. However, the material is considered non-porous which makes it resistant to water and moisture. Laminate is an affordable material you can have installed into a bathroom that needs an updated countertop and looks great with the correct design of the bathroom.

Solid Surface in Bathroom Countertops:
Solid surface counters are made from acrylic and polyester and offer a non porous and low maintenance option for those looking to purchase a reliable material for a bathroom countertop. They are moisture resistant and could also be repaired if damaged. There are many different styles and patterns of solid surface material you can choose from to fit the design of your bathroom.

Natural Stone in Bathroom Countertops:
Natural stones are an elegant material for bathroom countertops. Most commonly found in slate, soapstone, marble, and granite these materials are considered highly durable although they do require to be sealed and maintained. These materials will give your bathroom a more expensive and premium look. Different natural stones have different properties and the best one for you depends on your own preferences.

Engineered Stone in Bathroom Countertops:
Engineered stone which is mostly made of quartz has become a more popular choice amongst homeowners in recent years. This material is extremely durable and requires no sealing. These countertops can often be made with a sink basin built into the slab. The material is considered to be more expensive and can include more uniform coloring patterns than natural stones. Engineered stone comes in a variety of patterns to match the design of your bathroom. Choose engineered stone When looking for a premium and very durable option for your bathroom countertop.

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