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Enhance the look of your home’s interior with breathtaking kitchen and bathroom remodeling services provided by the professionals at Flo-Dar, Inc. in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey. We maintain the same work ethic that the company started with in 1951, which has always been to give our best efforts for our customers and the very best design solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, and other room projects. We offer superior products, quality and precision of experienced installers, and our exclusive project management that exceeds your greatest expectations.

First Step: Free Consultation to determine your needs

Contact Flo-Dar, Inc. today to get started on your kitchen remodel of your dreams.  During this consultation, you’ll speak with our industry leading designers who will listen to your needs, help you understand the possibilities and budgeting involved. This will help you establish a budget for your project going forward for a complete kitchen remodel, or assist in updating one aspect of your kitchen such as the cabinets or countertops.  Once we understand what your goals are, our team will come to your home to take measurements for a small fee so that our designers can build out the perfect project from the start .

Our mission to is help you achieve the best kitchen remodel for all of your needs.

Second Step: Designing Your Kitchen

The next step will be designing your new kitchen which Flo-Dar, Inc. can help you with. This will include assigning sections of your kitchen for food storage, cleaning, preparation, cooking, and eating as you will need space for all of these portions in your kitchen. It is important to balance these sections so you have ample room to complete activities that a kitchen requires. Our goal is to ensure you do not feel cramped or as if there is not enough space in any sections of the kitchen. You will also have to choose a style of kitchen for your remodel. First, there are Traditional Style kitchens which often appear more formal but do come in several more casual styles. These styles often include moldings and raised-panel door styles. Next, there are Modern or Contemporary Style kitchens. You often see materials like paint, concrete, plastic, glass, or other human-made materials for the materials. These styles often include slab-style doors which are rectangular flat pieces of material. Last but not least, the most common style that homeowners choose for a kitchen remodel is a Transitional Style. These kitchen styles aim to look much like a modern style kitchen while also retaining aspects of a traditional style kitchen. Cabinet molding and shaker-style doors are common within this style. Transitional Style kitchens work very well with marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. You will typically find smoother lines in a Transitional Style kitchen as opposed to a Traditional Style kitchen, as well as neutral colors that mix well with texture around the kitchen.

Third Step: Choosing the Right Materials and Appliances

 When you’ve chosen what style of kitchen remodel you would like to have, the next step is choosing the correct materials and appliances for your needs. There are many different materials you can use for just about every part of your kitchen, ranging from different kinds of floorings, countertops, appliance styles and finish, lighting, and more. Keep in mind that different materials work better with certain styles of kitchens. We can help you play around and mix/match different materials to help create the best suited kitchen remodel for you.

One of the main portions of your kitchen remodel will be cabinet replacements. Cabinets are one of the largest items you can install into your kitchen. Depending on the type of cabinet you choose can have a large impact on your kitchen. There are many styles of cabinets to choose from to match the style of kitchen you have chosen. There’s traditional cabinets which contain a lot of details and come in a variety of colors. Another style of cabinet are shakers which are simple, effective, and popular in current kitchen remodels. Next there are contemporary cabinets that mostly contain flat surfaces and simple hardware. These also often are made out of man-made materials such as plastic, glass, or metal. In addition, there are slab style cabinets which consist of a flat “slab” that give off a modern look. There are also rustic style cabinets that are often made from woods and often contain a lot of detail and carvings. Another common style are glass-front cabinets. These can be used to show off the contents inside with added lights.

Kitchen countertops are another main aspect of your kitchen remodel. Different styles of countertops work better with certain styles of kitchens and Flo-Dar, Inc. can help you find the right style for yours. First, there are marble countertops which are considered “high end” and give your kitchen a bright, clean, and contemporary look. Every single marble countertop is different from one another. This material however is not the most durable, and if you are looking for the most durable kind of countertop you should choose a different material. Next, there are granite countertops which can come in a variety of colors as well as different surfaces such as gloss, leathered, or honed. These countertops require less maintenance to keep in good condition, a simple re-sealing periodically will help keep your surface long lasting and are also heat-resistant. Also, you can choose a quartz material for your countertop. This material is considered a very durable countertop material that gives the appearance of a stone. This material will offer a stain resistant/heat resistant/scratch resistant surface with little to no maintenance required. Another option is butcher block countertops which are often cheaper than stone materials. These are made from several kinds of wood melded together to form a strong surface you can cook and prepare food on. However, with a wood countertop you are more susceptible to moisture ruining the surface than stone. For this reason you must be sure to clean up spills to prevent ruining the wood.

Depending on the style of kitchen you have chosen, you may opt for a hardwood floor over a tile floor for the aesthetics or laminate/engineered flooring as an affordable/durable look, but must keep in mind that hardwood has limitations with moisture compared to other types of flooring. As an alternative that is more resistant to moisture you could choose to go with a tile flooring instead. There is ceramic/porcelain tile, or natural stone tile. Ceramic and porcelain tile can be cheaper to have installed than natural stone, and is built to last. Natural stone tile can be susceptible to cracks, but with proper care natural stone tile will last. Some people prefer a hardwood floor over any type of tile since the tiles tend to have a “colder” feel to them if you are in a cold climate. Depending on your needs and preferences you may choose one type of flooring over another.

Another part of your kitchen remodel to consider is the type of lights you would like to have in your kitchen. First you will need to choose which kinds of bulbs will fit your needs the best, ranging from CFL, halogen, LED, and incandescent bulbs. These bulbs vary in required energy and efficiency. Once you have decided what type of bulb you will best suit your kitchen you can then decide on the type of light installation you would prefer. This can range from recessed lights, decorative lights, under cabinet lighting fixtures, spotlights, and also interior cabinet lights depending on the style of kitchen and your own personal preferences.

Optimizing Space:
When remodeling your kitchen an important aspect to consider is how you can optimize the space available to you. Your goal should be to make the best use out of the space you have while still allowing the design of your kitchen to flow together. You’ll need to have space for food storage such as a pantry, as well as a refrigerator/freezer. In addition you will need to account for space for dishes, glasses, and other items with cabinets. Most kitchen remodels also include an area for a sink, dishwasher and other cleaning utilities. Lastly, you will need enough area to prepare food on countertops and also cooking appliances such as a stove/oven and microwave. There are many parts to a kitchen that require careful planning to ensure you can fit everything you need.

Fourth Step: Be prepared for Construction
Once you have your kitchen remodel all planned out, it is time to get ready for the construction and installation phase of your kitchen remodel. The process can take several days to weeks depending on the size of the job, so you must plan ahead to not be able to use the section of the house that is under construction. A large job can also require general contractors, licenced plumbers as well as electricians due to all the different components of a kitchen that vary in expertise required to install.

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